Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dames and Swedes

One of my regular meetings at the Office of The Third Sector, sorry, Civil Society (my Strategy Director has told me to "get over it"!). A useful round- up. The OCS have not got an easy task in pressing the sector's case within Government! But they have a key role and they have a strategic position in The Cabinet Office and are admirably led by Nick Hurd who is proving to be a top class Minister, clearly destined for further glory (though not to soon please).

And then on to a meeting with the Great Dame; Clare Tickell that is. Dr Kyle and I went to see Clare in her new offices, which are but a stone's throw from ACEVO Towers, pleasant, entirely professional offices that demonstrate the business-like yet committed organisation that is Action for Children and its proud and glorious history as a charity founded by the Methodists to care and support children through life's trials and tribulations. We were there to talk about our current trials and tribulations and what our sector response needs to be; a conversation interspersed with gossip and giggles. As you would expect.

And now we have an ACEVO staff meeting. At Swedenborg Hall, the home of another great historic charity and again a stone's throw from ACEVO Towers! We had a Directors' Group yesterday so my Directors could tell me what to say. They are now on tenterhooks to see if I do. Or don't !

Then tonight a friend and I go to see a documentary on our marvellous old friend Benazir Bhutto. I helped with it so it will be interesting to see the results. And how poignant at a time of a huge disaster in Pakistan. Somehow I know Benazir would have risen to the challenge in a way the current Government have not, and sadly her former husband has failed lamentably and miserably.

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